A Beautiful and Unique Ceremony Created Just for You

There will never be another day like yours. Together we will make memories to last a lifetime.

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Tell Your Special Story of Love

Why choose Maxine?

  • With a celebrant the possibilities are endless.
  • You can create a beautiful, unique, authentic and special ceremony like no other.
  • Your friends and family be a part of the ceremony. There are so many wonderful ways to include everyone you love.
  • Embrace different cultures and traditions, making them part of your day.
  • A traditional wedding in a smart hotel or an alternative venue ?
  • An early morning ceremony or everyone in full evening dress?
  • Have music that is meaningful for you and those you love.
  • I am a Wiltshire Celebrant and happy to celebrate in the UK and Internationally.

Together we will create a Love Story like no other

Together we will create stories of new beginnings, a new life created by love and promises made to a new baby that will nurture, encourage, and support them for the rest of their lives, in your Naming Celebration.

Together we will create stories of unity, creating a space where the spoken word paints a picture of two people declaring your commitment to one another by sharing your story and exchanging vows to make memories that last you a life time at your Beautiful Wedding.

Together we will tell the story of one who was loved, of a life that was well lived, a life that mattered and a life that will be missed. We will create memories that bring tears and memories that bring a smile at Funerals.

I am a collaborator. I love to share stories and ideas. I am a wordsmith and a creator. No two people are alike and every love is unique.

This is your beautiful story and I am here to put into words what is in your heart.

Let’s create it together.

Maxine Ward, Wiltshire Celebrant

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